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9.0 Nutrition and Blood

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General Notes

·       All prescribing of vitamins and minerals should be in line with an ACBS approved indication, i.e. only in the management of actual or potential vitamin or mineral deficiency; they are not to be prescribed as dietary supplements or as a general ‘pick-me-up’
·       If patients still want to take vitamins and minerals for dietary supplementation or as a ‘pick-me-up’ they should be advised that they can be purchased as self-care over-the-counter with the support of the community pharmacist
·       Some patients, e.g. those on low income, may be eligible for NHS Healthy Start vitamins:
o   Healthy Start women’s vitamin tablets contain folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin D
o   Health Start children’s vitamin drops contain vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D
Further details on who is eligible and how to get Healthy Start vitamins can be accessed here