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​Northern Ireland Formulary

A Formulary is a preferred list of medicines which your doctor would choose to prescribe for you if appropriate. The medicines are chosen on the basis of the available evidence for their effectiveness (ability to treat the condition), Formularytheir safety (reduced likelihood of causing harmful side-effects) and cost.

Cost is included as a factor when two medicines treat the condition and are equal in effectiveness and safety.

What does a Formulary mean to me?

If you are currently taking a medicine that is not on the Formulary your medicine will still be available to you on prescription.
You may be asked to change over to the Formulary medicine choice if your doctor feels that it is appropriate for you to do so.
If you go to see your doctor with a condition that is covered by one of the Formulary chapters, it is likely that you will be prescribed one of these medicines - normally the first line choice, unless there is a reason why the preferred medicine would not be suitable for you.
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 Urgent Prescribing Choice