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The Department of Health NI policy is to “reduce the prescribing of medicines for the treatment of minor conditions and self-limiting illnesses which may be purchased at low cost without the need for a GP appointment or prescription”.

Patients are encouraged to selfcare and seek advice from their local community pharmacist to help manage minor conditions and self-limiting illnesses.

Hayfever is a condition which lends itself to self-care, i.e. the person suffering does not normally need to seek medical advice and can manage the condition by purchasing OTC items directly. Therefore most people with mild to moderate symptoms are able to relieve symptoms with OTC treatments recommended by a pharmacist or purchased in local retail outlets.


Poster - Hay fever MedicationsExamples of products available to purchase from local pharmacies and other retail outlets Download
Poster - Hay Fever and other allergiesMedicines to treat hay fever and seasonal allergies Download