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3.1.4 Compound bronchodilator preparations

LABA/LAMA combination inhalers (COPD only)

Formulary ChoicesAnoro Ellipta ®▼ DPI 55/22 (umeclidinium /vilanterol)

Duaklir Genuair®▼ DPI 340/12 (aclidinium/formoterol)


Spiolto Respimat® soft mist 2.5/2.5 inhalation solution (tiotropium/olodaterol)


Ultibro Breezhaler® DPI 85/43 inhalation powder capsules with device (indacaterol/glycopyrronium)

Prescribing Notes

  • Consider a LAMA/LABA combination in patients with severe breathlessness symptoms and low risk of exacerbations before considering addition of ICS.
  • All LABA/LAMA combination inhalers are less costly than the combined costs of the single inhalers and may be more convenient for patients.