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6.7.1 Dopamine-receptor agonists

1st choiceCabergoline tablets 500 micrograms

Initially 500 micrograms once weekly (dose may be taken as a single dose or as 2 divided doses on separate days);
see BNF for dose adjustment

2nd choicesBromocriptine tablets 1mg, 2.5mg; capsules 5mg, 10mgDose:
Initial dose usually 1–1.25mg with food at bedtime; see BNF for dose adjustment
Quinagolide tablets 25 micrograms, 50micrograms, 75microgramsDose:
See BNF for dose adjustment

Prescribing Notes

  • Choice of drug therapy should be made by specialist depending on individual patient circumstances.
  • A shared care guideline for cabergoline is available here.
  • Bromocriptine is the drug of choice for hyperprolactinaemia if pregnancy is sought.
  • For suppression of lactation, see BNF.
  • For Parkinson’s disease, see section 4.9.1.