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    Licensed vitamin D3 (colecalciferol) products

    Advising individuals to purchase over-the-counter is the preferred option for prevention of deficiency.
    In the case of prescribing, prescribers are asked to avoid generic prescribing of vitamin D to ensure expensive ‘specials’ are not dispensed.

    Prevention *


    Price (28 days)

    As per DM+D May 2020

    400IU Daily

    Invita D3® 400IU (10mcg) caps

    †note this dose is off-label

    1 daily†£1.85

    Invita D3® 2400IU/ml drops ‡ (1 drop contains 67 IU)

    ‡only licensed in children, pregnancy and breastfeeding

    6 drops daily (400IU/10mcg)£3.36

    Fultium D3® 2740IU/ml drops

    (3 drops contain 200IU)

    †note this dose is off-label

    6 drops daily (400IU/10mcg)†

    800IU Daily

    Aviticol®800IU (20mcg) caps

    1 daily£2.08

    Strivit D3® 800IU (20mcg) caps

    1 daily£2.33

    Invita D3® 800IU (20mcg) caps

    1 daily£2.50

    Desunin® 800IU (20mcg) tabs


    Fultium D3® 800IU (20mcg) caps

    1 daily£3.36

    Thorens® 10,000IU/ml drops (1 drop contains200IU)

    4 drops daily (800IU/20mcg)£1.31
    1000IU Daily

    Stexerol D3® 1000IU (25mcg) tabs

    1 daily£2.50
    5600IU weekly

    Invita D3® 5600IU (140mcg) caps

    1 weekly£2.50





    Price (28 days)

    As per DM+D May 2020

    3,200IU daily

    Fultium D3® 3,200IU (80mcg) caps

    1 daily


    Strivit D3® 3,200IU (80mcg) caps

    1 daily


    4,000IU daily

    Desunin® 4,000IU (100mcg) tabs

    1 daily


    Stexerol D3® 1,000IU (25mcg) tabs

    4 daily


    20,000IU weekly

    Strivit D3® 20,000IU (500mcg) caps

    1 weekly


    25,000IU weekly

    Thorens® 25,000IU/2.5ml drops

    2.5ml weekly


    40,000IU weekly

    Aviticol® 20,000IU (500mcg) caps

    2 weekly


    Fultium D3® 20,000IU (500mcg) caps

    2 weekly


    Plenachol® 40,000IU (1000mcg) caps

    1 weekly


    50,000IU weekly

    Invita D3® 50,000IU (1250mcg) caps

    1 weekly


    Stexerol D3® 25,000IU (625mcg) tabs

    2 weekly



    * This information has been compiled to demonstrate how colecalciferol supplementation may be prescribed using different cost effective licensed preparations of various strengths.  Prescribers should refer to the individual product’s SPC for specifics on treatment and prevention doses and durations as well as that in pregnancy or higher risk populations e.g. obese patients, those that are hospitalised or have malabsorptive syndromes.