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Deprescribing and Polypharmacy Guides

Deprescribing is an important element of medicines optimisation and forms part of a comprehensive medication review to identify the point at which drugs are no longer providing a worthwhile benefit and may actually be causing harm.  This is of particular worth in frail or elderly patients with multiple morbidities and associated reduced physiological reserve.

The PrescQIPP IMPACT bulletin and tool helps prioritise deprescribing decisions in patients taking several drugs which could be stopped. This tool identifies clinical and deprescribing priorities with recommendations for appropriately continuing or stopping medicines.

The Deprescribing Supplement summarises the key areas of focus in 2023/24.  It also contains the key messages and links to useful resources.

Further information on deprescribing and polypharmacy can be found on the following websites:

A deprescribing article will be included each month in the Medicines Management newsletter which can be found here

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