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Formulary choicePropranolol tablets 10mg, 40mgDose:
Thyrotoxicosis (adjunct), orally 10-40mg 3-4 times daily
Propranolol MR capsules 80mg, 160mgDose:
A dose of 80mg, taken either morning or evening, may be sufficient to provide adequate control in many patients. The dose may be increased to 160mg, and then if necessary further increased to 240mg per day

Prescribing Notes

  • Refer to NICE guidance on Thyroid disease: assessment and management
  • Beta blockade can be withdrawn once hyperthyroidism is controlled (2-6 weeks), and the patient maintained on carbimazole.
  • Diltiazem may be considered as an alternative if a beta-blocker is contraindicated (under specialist advice).