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Volume 4 – 2013

Issue 6 - Dec13Lifestyle changes post myocardial infarction: update to NICE guidance; Temazepam price increases; Fluenz®- check expiry datesSimvastatin 80mg use — local Cardiology advice; Higher rosuvastatin use does not improve QoF data; Branded statin use ; New strength atorvastatin tablets; Change to USA statin guidelines; Inhaled corticosteroids in COPD and risk of serious pneumonia; Tramadol: updated information on drug interactions; Nebivolol and slow titration in heart failure; Smoking cessation therapy Download
Appropriate Use of Co-amoxiclav Supplement - Nov13Appropriate use of co-amoxiclav Download
Issue 5 - Oct13 Materials and E-Resources support the new antimicrobial guidelines; Stopping rules with newer anti-diabetics drugs; SSRIs and risks in surgery; Reminder: nitrofurantoin — caution in renal impairment Pregabalin abuse in Northern Ireland; Metoclopramide — new restricted dose and duration of use; Cost-effective prescribing of olanzapine; Allergies to dressings Download
Issue 4 - Aug13Souvenaid® — what is the evidence?Codeine — new warnings: children and breastfeeding ; Top 10 missed generics in Northern Ireland; SSRI price differential: sertraline; Fentanyl: risk of serotonin syndrome with serotonergic drugs; New resource for mental health: Choice and Medication website; Strontium ranelate — new cardiovascular risks; Diclofenac — new warnings in patients with heart conditions; Non-benzodiazepine hypnotics — any better than placebo? Download
Issue 3 - June13Product focus: oxycodone MR (Longtec®)Emergency Care Summary (ECS); Quetiapine MR prescribing; Product focus: venlafaxine MR (Vensir®); Disulfiram prescribingDiscontinuation of Pripsen® sachets; Update on supplements for macular degeneration—AREDS 2 study Download
Nutritional Supplements Supplement - Apr13Nutritional Supplements Download
Issue 2 - Apr 13Choice of NSAID?Etoricoxib and Hypertension Risk; Drug-induced Kidney Injury; Yellow Card e-learning; Travel Information; Hayfever—choice of Antihistamine?High Strength Fluoride Toothpastes; Red/Amber Medicines; Cost-effective Switches; Resources of Evidence-based Medicine Download
Issue 1 - Feb13Risk of hyperkalaemia – trimethoprim in combination with spironolactone; Change in Dovobet® Portfolio; Omega-3 fatty acids (Omacor®) in patients with type 2 diabetes with cardiovascular disease; Eyes on Evidence; An alternative to Orlistat®; PPIs: risks of long-term use; Dressings – guidance for obtaining Non-Formulary dressings in exceptional circumstances; Repeat dispensing – reminder about pink forms; Midazolam buccal solutions – brand prescribing Download