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1.9.4 Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency

1st choiceCreon® 40000 (providing protease (total) 1600 units, lipase 40000 units, amylase 25000 units)

Prescribing Notes

  • Creon® should be initiated on specialist advice.
  • Creon® should be taken with food. It can be taken whole or contents mixed with acidic fluid (e.g. apple or orange juice) or soft food (e.g. apple sauce or yoghurt) then swallowed immediately without chewing. Food should not be excessively hot as this may inactivate the drugs.
  • Dose increases, if required, should be added slowly, with careful monitoring of response and symptomatology.
  • High doses of pancreatin can cause perianal irritation.
  • Pancreatin can cause perioral and buccal irritation if retained in the mouth.


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