Volume 11 – 2020

Tapentadol Supplement Tapentadol audit Download
Covid-19 supplement June 2020  Ibuprofen use and COVID-19 Are patients at higher risk from COVID-19 if they take an ACEi or ARB? Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine B12 injections during COVID-19 pandemic COVID-19 guidance for safe switching from warfarin to a DOAC Increased requests for repeat medicines Inhaler requests for asthma /COPD COPD rescue packs Availability of paracetamol Signposting for patients: Hayfever and COVID-19 Vitamin D during lockdown Treating symptoms of COVID-19 at home COVID-19 NICE guidance Update to NI Microguide ECHO training Download
Issue 2 - February 2020 New NI Wound Formulary; Urinary Incontinence in Dementia; Recent incidentswith Ethinylestradiol;NICE Guidance — Northern Ireland Service Notifications; Managed Entry Decisions Download
Issue 1- January 2020 Prescribing OTC products;Deprescribing-Low doseFurosemide(20mg);Cost effective insulin needles- Unifine Pentips PLUS;NICE Guidance — Northern Ireland Service Notifications;Managed Entry Decisions Download