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Lactose-free formula

Lactose-Free (LF) formula

  • Lactose-free (LF) formula for lactose intolerance can be purchased from birth.
  • Congenital lactose intolerance which requires treatment with a LF formula is very rare.
  • Temporary lactose intolerance can occur following recent illness for example gastroenteritis
    and usually improves after a few (4-8) weeks.
  • LF formula contains cow’s milk proteins and is not suitable for the management of cow’s
    milk allergy.
  •  LF formula contains glucose (sugar). Do not allow prolonged or frequent contact with child’s
    teeth as this increases the risk of tooth decay. Brush child’s teeth after last feed at night.
  •  Those eligible for Healthy Start scheme vouchers and prepaid card can use these to purchase
    infant formula that is cow’s milk based and suitable from birth. Get help to buy food and
  • LF formula should only be used under medical supervision – always consult a healthcare
    professional, e.g. health visitor for advice.
  • LF formula are a similar price to standard formula and should be purchased