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1st choice Apixaban tablets 2.5mg, 5mg
2nd choicesRivaroxaban 15mg, 20mg tablets
Dabigatran capsules 110mg, 150mg
Edoxaban 30mg, 60mg tablets
Warfarin tablets 1mg, 3mg

Prescribing Notes

  • Refer to NICE guidance on anticoagulation treatment for venous thromboembolism (NICE make recommendations on preferred anticoagulant choices; these vary depending on co-morbidities/ clinical features. Apixaban is recommended first line in patients with no relevant co-morbidities or significant clinical features.)
  • Please note dosing schedule. A number of incidents have been reported where the initial twice daily dose for rivaroxaban was continued beyond the 21 days following discharge from hospital, presenting a significant risk to patients. This type of incident is also possible with apixaban. Refer to BNF.


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