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Volume 9 – 2018

Issue12 - Dec 18Reminder: Prescribing of Antivirals in Flu Season; Mucolytics-NOT for coughs and colds; Update on Prescribing of Tadalafil Once Daily (2.5mg and 5mg) Preparations; Choice and Medication: Information for Patients; NICE Guidance-Northern Ireland Service Notifications; Managed Entry Decisions Download
Issue11 - Nov 18Safe and effectice prescribing of LHRH analogues; New cost-effective choice: Spiroco® XL; Did you see?- Updated advice on Esmya®; Managed Entry Decisions Download
Issue10 - Oct 18 World Mental Health Day: A Focus on Prescribing; New Cost Effective Choice: Decapeptyl ®; NICE Guidance- NI Service Notifications; Managed Entry Decisions Download
Tacrolimus Supplement - Sept 18Transplant immunosuppression; Dispensing errors involving tacrolimus; Drug interactions and configuration of drug warnings on GP clinical systems; Robot SAI; Lessons learned; Commonly prescribed immunosuppressive drugs Download
Antibiotic Supplement - Sept 18Antimicrobial Resistance; Antimicrobial Resources; Antimicrobial Workshops - Dates for your diary; Survey Results - Antibiotic prescribing in primary care Northern Ireland Download
Dysphagia Supplement - Sept 18Background; New standards for texture modified foods & thickened liquids international dysphagia diet standardisation initiative (IDDSI); What is happening locally? Changes to thickener products; Actions for Primary Care Download
Issue 9 - Sept 18Prescribing Generics by Manufacturer is NOT recommended; Low Dose Naltrexone for MS?Seeking GP Representatives for PGEG; Place in Therapy for Targinact® (oxycodone /naloxone)? NICE Guidance - NI Service Notifications; Managed Entry Decisions Download
Issue 8 - Aug 18CP Prescriptions: Need for Clear Dosing Instructions ; Ciphers for Non-medical Prescribers in Primary Care; Etoricoxib: 60mg for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis; Information to Support Patients with Osteoporosis ; NICE Guidance - Northern Ireland Service Notifications; Managed Entry Decisions Download
Specials Supplement - July 2018Healthcare professionals should explore all alternatives before deciding to prescribe a 'special' ; The cost of 'specials' ; Legal issues in prescribing and dispensing 'specials' ; Managing patients with swallowing difficulties and feeding tubes ; Newly licensed products ; 'Specials' manufacturers and suppliers ; Standardisation of the most common liquid medicines in paediatrics ; Commonly prescribed 'specials'; Vitamin D Guidance on rationalalisation of 'specials' Download
Anticholinergic Supplement - July 18Background ; Medication Review ; NICE Dementia Guideline 2018; Examples of drugs with severe anticholinergic effects ; Recommendations to optimise prescribing and improve patient safety ; Antimuscarinics for OAB/UI-Improving Patients Safety Download