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13.5.2. Preparations for psoriasis

General Notes

  • Refer to NICE CG153 Psoriasis: assessment and management, NICE CKS Psoriasis and to the BAD website for a range of Patient Information Leaflets on Psoriasis
  • The formulary provides advice on topical treatments for chronic plaque psoriasis. See resources above for further information including, specialist treatments, identification of co-morbidities (e.g. cardiovascular risk), when to consider referral and the management of other forms of psoriasis
  • Offer topical treatments, considering patient preference, cosmetic acceptability, practicalities of application to the site(s) and extent of psoriasis
  • Discuss the variety of formulations available and use:
    • Ointment, creams, lotion or gel for widespread psoriasis
    • lotion, solution or gel for scalp or hair-bearing areas
  • In people whose psoriasis has not responded satisfactorily to a topical treatment discuss:
    • whether they have any difficulties with application, cosmetic acceptability or tolerability and offer an alternative formulation if appropriate
    • other possible reasons for non-adherence
  • Arrange a review appointment after starting a new topical treatment after 4 weeks in adults

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