Cost Effective Choices and Switching PILs


TitleDescriptionDate addedDate modifiedDownload
Cost Effective Choices List of current cost effective choices10/02/201928/10/2019 Download

Biquelle ® XL Switching from quetiapine modified release tablets to Biquelle® XL tablets Download
Butec ® Patches Switching from buprenorphine patches to Butec® patches Download
Gatalin ® XL Switching from galantamine prolonged-release capsules to Gatalin® XL capsules Download
Neditol ® XL Switching from tolterodine modified release capsules to Neditol® XL capsules Download
Octasa® MR Switching from mesalazine modified release (MR) 400mg or 800mg to Octasa® modified release (MR) 400mg or 800mg tablets Download
Shortec ® Switching from oxycodone capsules to Shortec® capsules Download