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General Advice

  • See NICE NG23 Menopause: diagnosis and management.
  • See CKS Menopause for practical guidance on best practice.
  • In most women with troublesome symptoms the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks. Discuss risks and benefits prior to starting (refer to links above).
  • Women with a premature menopause (<40 years of age) should be referred to a specialist HRT clinic. HRT is normally recommended until the average age of the natural menopause (52 years of age).
  • HRT preparations should be brand prescribed to aid product identification.
  • For use of HRT in osteoporosis prophylaxis refer to
  • Tibolone is a synthetic steroidal compound with oestrogenic, progestogenic, and androgenic activity. It is licensed for the treatment of oestrogen deficiency symptoms in postmenopausal women, more than one year after menopause.

Download HRT StartingTreatmentGuide as PDF.