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Volume 5 – 2014

Issue 9 - Dec14NICE issue updated guidance on Chronic Kidney Disease; New NICE guidance; Managed Entry decisions; Peripheral vasodilators —place in therapy? Download
Issue 8 - Nov14Dry powder inhalers to be prescribed by brand; Benzodiazepine use and risk of Alzheimer’s disease; Further change to dexamethasone injections; E-learning prescribing course; Managed Entry decisions; New NICE guidance Download
Issue 7 - Oct14H. pylori tests and PPI washout times; Adrenaline dosing in kids; Sildenafil — prescribing restrictions still apply in N. Ireland; Monitoring books — to be completed; Managed entry decisions; New NICE guidance Download
Issue 6 - Sep14Updated NICE guidance on lipid modification - what’s new? Domperidone: P to POM upregulation; When can a patient be charged for travel vaccines?Managed entry decisions; New NICE guidance Download
Issue 5 - Aug14Northern Ireland drugs and driving legislation; Limited role of Cyclimorph®; Oral anticoagulants — MHRA learning module; Macrogols — prescribe by brand; Managed Entry decisions Download
Issue 4 - July2014Sunscreen prescribing; Discontinuation of metformin sachets; Atrial fibrillation NICE patient decision aid; CD legislation changes; Demeclocycline shortage; Relocation of Regional Medicines Information; Managed Entry decisions; New NICE guidance Download
Issue 3 - June 14Inhaled steroids and risk of pneumonia in COPD; Caution with Relvar® Ellipta®▼ dosing; Ciclosporin eye drops availability; Nitrofurantoin 50mg capsule availability; Updated NICE CGs and TAs ; Managed Entry appraisals Download
Issue 2 - Apr 14 Northern Ireland Formulary launch; New Managed Entry process for Northern Ireland; PPI volume growing despite the risks; New Jext®; Over-prescribing of liraglutide (Victoza®)?Macushield® eye supplements — not recommended for NHS supply; Reminder to practices — Leukotriene antagonists in hayfever; Valsartan (Diovan®) supply shortage Download
Issue 1 - Feb14The Painful Truth; Gastroprotection with NSAIDs; Use of e-cigarettes with homecare oxygen; Aquacel® dressings — update to NI Formulary; Antihistamines — less suitable for treatment of insomnia; Medusa IV guide — online access; New drug driving offences; NiQuitin® gum and lozenges — new warnings; MHRA learning modules Download
E Cigarette Refills Supplement - Jan14Toxicity of Electronic Cigarette Liquid Refills Download